Cannabis-Themed Date Night In Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Having a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration is not always about holidays in the Caribbean or special dates set outdoors. Staying indoors has its benefits too, as you get to focus on your partner with no distractions and find deeper meaning and value in the companionship you share.

Aside from that, the ever-changing restrictions taking place due to the pandemic prevent couples from being spontaneous and planning trips outdoors. This situation does not have to affect your desire to make your significant other feel loved on this special day, which is why Seven Point Cannabis has come up with some date night in ideas that will excite, stimulate, and uplift your partnership regardless of the setting! 

Before reading along, head over to our shop in Bloor West Village to stock up on cannabis essentials that will keep the romantic vibe burning on a high note when staying in. 

Home is where the heart is, and these are examples prove that – in the most organic and fuss-free manner.

3 Easy Cannabis-Themed Date Night In Ideas For A Romantic V-Day At Home

Unlike popular opinion, staying in doesn’t necessarily equate to a boring time. As long as you’re enjoying each other’s company and you know what pleases your partner, you can guarantee a good time. Other than sharing a couple of bong hits and a bottle of wine, there are lots of things you can do to keep the flame burning bright for Valentine’s Day. 

Here are some cannabis-fuelled date night in ideas to get you and your partner in a romantic mood:

1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt With Cannabis-Themed Rewards

You might remember how exciting it was to follow a scavenger hunt as a kid – especially because the reward that came at the end was always worth it. When it comes to date night in ideas, this one is definitely on top of our list.

Days before Valentine’s Day, take time to compose riddles on notes hidden in different parts of the house, with cannabis-themed puns and rewards for each time your partner successfully gets to the next stage. Whether it is some dark chocolate THC edibles, a CBD soft chew hidden in a small box, or a pre-roll wrapped in a ribbon, your riddles and gifts will keep your partner excited for the end result, which will probably be on your bed, smoking, cuddling and exchanging sweet nothings! 

2. Prepare a Cannabis Themed Gift Box

If gift-giving is one of your love languages, then one of the date night in ideas we can highly recommend is to prepare a gift box expressing your love through the beauty of cannabis effects, whether it’s for him or her.

If you need help with what to put inside your gift box, here’s a simple collection of cannabis products that will definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face:

  • Lavender Fizz Bomb by Noon and Night – You can even use this product and get into the tub together, complete with candles and a nice bottle of champagne on the side. 
  • A 3.5g pack of Blueberry Seagal – Your partner knows the value of receiving this present because there’s nothing like getting a flower for V-Day that actually, and literally makes you feel something. Let your partner feel relaxed and at ease with this strain that has sweet and floral undertones, which is a perfect buzz for other Valentine’s date night in ideas!
  • Prism Pipe by BRNT – This attractive hand pipe is so unique in the sense that it deflects light in two positions. It gives a one-of-a-kind visual experience as you load and smoke with it. Your cannabis-loving partner will definitely be impressed. There’s even a possibility that they will treat this as one of the best Valentine’s Day presents ever received! 
  • Muscle Balanced Cream by Proofly – Providing relief always works when it comes to date night in ideas. This fast-absorbing cream will let your partner feel that you care about the physical discomforts that they might have been feeling throughout their workday. 
  • Sativa Lavender Chamomile Tea – This set of caffeine-free herbal tea has a soothing blend of flowers, and are infused with 10mg of CBD insulate. Keep this on deck for future date night in ideas such as watching a movie, getting a massage, or simply enjoying cookies and conversations over tea. 

Of course, a sweet love note placed over the box will not only make it sweeter, but will add a charming, personalized touch that explains why each item provides significance and act as a different symbol of your affection. 

3. Whip Up a Cannabis-Infused Romantic Dinner

Take this dinner a step further and don’t just settle for getting the munchies. If you’re trying to think of a memorable date night in idea, take the time to prep and cook a cannabis-infused dinner for you and your partner. Make the time and effort to set the mood with a well-set table, some nice plates and cutlery, mood lights, candles, and a soothing playlist to set the vibe.

Cannabis cooking has stepped up a notch in the last few years, with restaurant-worthy recipes easy enough for you to try at home. There are countless resources available online, with recipes ranging from ultra-romantic to CBD-infused meals that will keep you both relaxed, satisfied, and in high spirits. A little research, some shopping, and time in the kitchen can go a long way. This definitely speaks as an act of service, which is a strong love language that your partner will acknowledge and value. Finish off the meal with either a CBD-laced dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Need Items and Goodies for These Date Night In Ideas?

Seven Point will take care of your romantic date in plans. Browse through our selection of fine cannabis flowers, topicals, accessories, edibles, topicals, and more. Talk to one of our budtenders and they might even suggest better cannabis-inspired products that suit your Valentine’s Day date night in ideas! 

If you can’t find something you’re looking for on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our other offerings. We’d love to hear from you and help you make the most out of this year’s most romantic day!

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