The 9 Best Flowers to Enjoy High Park Cherry Blossoms

One of Toronto’s most anticipated spring traditions is here – the bloom of High Park cherry blossoms! What better way to make it an unforgettable High Park experience than to light up some adventure-enhancing flowers

Seven Point, a new High Park cannabis store, is thrilled to offer you the best strains to go along with your High Park cherry blossom stroll. Or, if you’re unable to see the blossoms in person this year, you can still take in all their beauty with this virtual tour of the park.

Let’s get right down to it!

The Best Strains to Enjoy High Park Cherry Blossoms

No one can deny the delight that comes with enjoying pleasing views after consuming cannabis. While certain strains are more suited for downbeat activities, some strains can enhance visual and physical experiences, such as taking a walk and admiring the High Park cherry blossom scenery.

Here are nine of Seven Point’s top strains for your High Park cannabis and cherry blossom-enjoying experience:

1. Tangerine Dream by Canna Farms or San Rafael ‘71

This B.C.-native indoor grown, hybrid strain has a strong THC potency, which means that it is an ideal strain for visual moments, such as walking along High Park cherry blossom lane. It is a cross of G13 and Neville’s A5 Haze and offers a citrusy fruit smell. It offers an uplifting, energizing, and euphoric buzz that gives consumers a sense of mental clarity while relaxing the muscles. It’s completely fitting for a calming walk in High Park to see and appreciate the dreamy cherry blossoms, for as long as you want without thinking about leg cramps! 

2. Sky Pilot by Tantalus Labs

A sweet and pungent strain, this Sativa-dominant choice is selected from a Blue Dream and Snow Lotus cross. Named after the Sky Pilot peak in the Tantalus Mountain Range, this strain contains high THC that will send you straight up to the skies. Its main effect is a calm and relaxed sensory experience, which is best suited for a nice lie down on a fuzzy blanket while you eat a packed picnic during High Park cherry blossoms season.

3. Blue Nova by Sundial Cannabis

This sweet berry-tasting strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has dense, sticky, and rich buds covered with trichomes. Its THC levels reach up to 20%, which will make you experience an energetic buzz that’s mixed with a sense of focus and creativity. Light this one up if you are planning to sit down to do some sketches or drawings. You might even feel inspired enough to scribble down some cherry blossoms-inspired poetry! 

4. Limelight by Edison Cannabis Co.

This Sativa-dominant strain is revered for its tangy, sour-flavoured taste, along with its lush bud structure and moss green highlights. A cross between Orange Zeta and Blue Flame OG, this strain is known to offer a “pick-me-up” buzz that will make you feel excited and blissful as you walk along the cherry blossom display in High Park. An additional pain relief effect comes in after the initial buzz, which will make you want to explore despite feeling minor body aches.

5. Pedro’s Sweet Sativa by Color Cannabis

A cross between Dominican Sativa and White Russian, this Canadian hybrid has large, airy flowers with a high THC content. Its berry, sweet taste comes with an energetic high that creeps up enough to get you out of the house. Reviews suggest that this strain acts as a medicine for the body and the mind, and is highly recommended for anyone looking to do some self-reflection. Perfect for a walk along High Park as a soul-mending activity under the beauty of cherry blossoms!

6. Ghost Train Haze Flower or Pre-Roll 2-Pack by Color Cannabis

While you won’t be seeing any ghosts after consuming this strain, it will give you an inspired buzz with its tasty floral and citrus notes. Its THC content lies between 16 to 23%, with a slight 2% CBD addition. This Sativa choice creates an overwhelming sense of happiness and energy to add to your excitement upon seeing High Park cherry blossoms all around you. You can even bring this strain to your friends to help them feel inspired during your cherry blossom walk in High Park.

7. The General by Edison Cannabis Co.

Another Sativa-dominant choice available at Seven Point is The General; characterized by its vivid, green buds and tangerine pistils. When consumed, it gives a pleasing grapefruit undertone mixed with a citrusy gasoline aroma. According to consumer reviews, The General gives a focused buzz that would work well in social situations, such as having a day out in High Park with your friends. After consuming this strain, you will feel enthusiastic enough to plan an activity under the cherry blossom trees, such as a calming yoga practise or a meditation session with your buddies. 

8. Dancehall by Spinach 

Why not create your own personal dance party in your head and body while enjoying High Park cherry blossoms? Dancehall is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has vibrant shades of green, blue, purple, and red underneath its crystal trichomes, with a sweet and spicy taste. It is the right strain for an uplifting experience, especially when you want to place your mind in a happier setting. A few tokes of Dancehall will provide you with much creativity and eagerness to thrive in social situations, which makes it ideal for a High Park cherry blossom walk with your friends. 

9. Delahaze by San Rafael ‘71

This high-THC Sativa strain offers a long-lasting head high that makes it a solid choice for an active day out to High Park when planning to see the cherry blossoms. The effects of Delahaze are as appealing as its dense light green buds and mango and tropical aroma, as it promises to give a cheerful and elated buzz that will make your High Park stroll mood chirpier than the surrounding birds.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood, Seven Point! Your High Park Cannabis Dispensary

Seven Point is the newest addition to the High Park neighbourhood, right where the cherry blossoms thrive each year. Visit our High Park cannabis dispensary between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Sunday for curbside pick up. You can also choose to browse our wide selection of flowers and other smoking essentials online, delivered right to your door through our same-day delivery service.

Whether you’re new or experienced in the world of cannabis, we are here to make your High Park cannabis journey the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about our many strain offerings for your day out in High Park!

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