Toronto’s High Court: 5 Cannabis Influencers to Follow

Being an Instagram influencer means that you have to create content to promote brands or establish an aesthetic that attracts and engages your audience. When creating content, an influencer’s creativity, unique point of view, and ability to empathize comes into play, which is what draws people in and wanting more. Some influencers, on the other hand, combine and utilize these qualities to raise awareness on different topics or issues that are prevalent in today’s society. One good example is the ever-growing cannabis industry and its culture.

The 2018 legalization of cannabis paved the way for an open dialogue about marijuana on social media. These Canadian cannabis influencers are using their voice and extensive reach to raise awareness about the ongoing trends, laws, and benefits of the substance.

Let’s check them out!

Creative and Inspiring Toronto Cannabis Influencers

Cannabis entrepreneurs and advocates play a huge role in spreading positive messages and awareness about the evolving topic. Some focus on the health related benefits, while others apply their knowledge and understanding of cannabis into perfecting their art. 

Here are some of our favourite cannabis influencers who are destigmatizing the industry and pushing boundaries when it comes to cannabis-themed passions!

Abi Roach | @abiroach420


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Abi Roach launched her headshop, “Roach-o-Rama” in the year 2000 during a time when not a lot of cannabis entrepreneurs were around. Three years later, Abi made Canadian history by launching Hotbox, one of the first lounges in the GTA that allowed customers to smoke up and enjoy some treats. Abi had to go through some legal challenges in keeping Hotbox open, and she never faltered. Twenty-one years later and Hotbox is still going strong, with renovations and a medi-lounge that serves medical consumers. Aside from her regular cannabis chronicles, Abi posts photos of her family, friends, and her fur-babies, filling our feeds with good vibes!

Vee | @fallforvee 


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Just like what her handle suggests, we have fallen in love with Vee’s calming aesthetics. This Canadian cannabis influencer is a multi-talented visual artist and creative director from Toronto. She has a knack for mesmerizing earth-tone palettes, making her feed an absolute treat to scroll through. One of Vee’s prominent subjects in her photography is cannabis aesthetics, and she produces images that are fit for ads at any given time.

Vee doesn’t shy away from talking about the healing properties of cannabis for her medical condition. An advocate and a voice for those living with disabilities, this cannabis influencer is an inspiration in the cannabis and creative space!   

Pat Newton | @chefpatnewton


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Having discovered the wonders of cannabis as a teen, Pat has been cooking and experimenting with the herb for over 15 years. During the last four years, the chef has been busy working on building his business, Munchy Brothers, a company that provides consumers with cannabis-infused ingredients. This allows people to turn any normal food into edibles. Talk about taking munchies to the next level!

In his feed, Pat regularly posts his cannabis kitchen creations that look absolutely scrumptious. Follow this Canadian cannabis influencer if you want to learn more about cooking with cannabis.

DJ G Rex | @dj_g_rex


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Proudly calling himself the “turnt-tablist,” this Canadian cannabis influencer makes beats AND smoking accessory reviews. The DJ calls his weekly accessory review videos, “The Chronnoisseur Review,” in which he visits different head shops and Toronto cannabis dispensaries to check out some of the most extravagant and funky-looking glassware. If not videos of different smoking tools, his feed features music and live sets. If you’re into tunage and love getting high, and especially if you have a soft spot for high quality, designer bongs, we suggest you give this guy a follow!

Candace Cosentino | @candacecos


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This Canadian cannabis influencer is also a creative powerhouse. Candace is a Toronto-based photographer who takes striking portraits and still life images. She founded Cos Studios, in which she practices her photography and other visual arts endeavors. Aside from shooting for brands and independent entrepreneurs, Candace loves to direct creative shoots that feature cannabis in all its forms. One of her photo series, “Canna-Queens,” has a honey-glazed colour palette and shows women smoking weed in a glamorous, ephemeral way. If concept photography and cannabis are two of your passions, then following Candace is a must!

Getting Inspired by These Cannabis Influencers?

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