Things to Do in High Park When You’re High

With over 100 million visitors each year, Toronto’s famous High Park has 399 acres filled with perfectly kept lawns and themed gardens, outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, cafes, zoos, and untouched nature. But it’s not just fun in the summer, the ponds freeze during winter, creating natural skating rinks for Torontonians of all ages to enjoy!

If you’re planning to take a trip to Toronto’s largest park, Seven Point in Bloor West Village has compiled a list of things to do in High Park, when you’re high! From where to get snacks to where to toke up, we have it all covered.

Let’s get started!

Things to Do in High Park: Where to Eat 

There’s nothing better than satisfying the munchies to your heart’s content. There are lots of places to get a snack in High Park when you’re buzzed – here are some of them.

Sunshine Village Grill

Known as a place serving epic brunch feasts, eating at Sunshine Village Grill comes as an easy choice when thinking of things to do in High Park. Aside from their daily specials, patrons head to this place because of their “light breakfast” options, sandwiches, burgers, waffles, omelettes, and a dedicated section for their many types of Eggs Benny. The menu is quite huge, so make sure you pick the one that speaks to your buzz the most! 

Kinton Ramen 

Eating a delicious bowl of hot ramen is definitely up there in things to do in High Park. Just down the street is one of Toronto’s first Japanese ramen restaurants. Enjoy their lush three-course meals, or simply indulge in their astounding ramen menu that will cater to all tastes and preferences. You can even throw in additional toppings in true munchies fashion.

Bread and Roses Bakery 

If you’re feeling like you want a delectable carbo-load and a good cup of coffee to balance out your buzz, visit Bread and Roses on Bloor. Aside from their wide selection of pastries and cakes, gobble up their heir signature croissant breakfast sandwich. We promise you won’t regret it!

Village Juicery 

You can’t go wrong with fresh and natural things in your diet. For some, having a healthy treat as things to do in High Park is worth the trip. The Village Juicery offers freshly pressed juices and smoothies if you’re in a detox mood or just looking for something refreshing to drink. 

Things to Do in High Park: Places to Explore When High  

It’s always fun to see and experience new things when you’re buzzed out. Here are some attractions around High Park you can see and explore!

Old Mill Toronto

If a “staycation” is on top of your things to do in High Park list, then you should definitely pay Old Mill a visit. Situated along Bloor Street, Old Mill is an event venue with a spa, restaurant, and boutique hotel. The restaurant has been open since 1914 and is known for its afternoon tea, Sunday family brunch, and dinner buffets. 

Humber River Kayaking 

Looking for something more active to do in High Park? Along Old Mill is the jump-off point to the exciting Humber River Kayak Rentals, where you can kayak, canoe or paddle board through the mangroves. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking guided tours, you can find something that will suit your buzz. 

Things to Do in High Park: Places to Toke Up 

High Park’s area encompasses hundreds of acres in the heart of Toronto. It is spacious enough that you can find a bench to watch the ducks along Grenadier Pond, meander through the trees, or wander along the off-leash dog zone spotting puppies as you toke. Here are some other examples of places you can get high while in High Park:

Admire the Trees Changing Colour in Autumn 

When it comes to things to do in High Park, seeing the maples, oaks, and sassafras change colour from green to orange to red is always on top of everyone’s lists. Take a stroll around the area on a late Sunday afternoon and light one up.

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Chill at the Leysa Ukrainka Monument

If you’re looking for some inspirational things to do in High Park, visit the Leysa Ukrainka monument for a quick smoke break. This High Park staple was dedicated to the famous Ukrainian poet and writer who championed civil and women’s rights. Pull out your vape or pre-roll, get high, and ponder on the things that this feminist warrior did. 

The Best Things to do in High Park: Visit Seven Point!

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