5 Cannabis Strains for Creativity and Focus

Since its rise during the ‘60s, cannabis has always had a mystique on bringing in a surge of creativity, focus, and inspiration. Just look at the many works of art – from songs to paintings, illustrations, and films – a ton of recent history’s most popular pieces were born out of a cannabis buzz.

With that being said, did you ever wonder why creativity is one of the most common effects of cannabis? There is actually an explanation for that. 

Consuming CBD, or cannabidiol, increases the blood flow to the frontal lobe in the brain, which is where all creative ideas take form. The frontal cortex also plays an important role in the many bodily functions that lead to creative thinking. This is why many artists utilize the effects of cannabis strains for creativity. It also comes with a few other pleasurable effects, making it a win-win situation. 

Read along to find out more about cannabis strains for creativity! 

Check Out These Cannabis Strains for Creativity

Tokers and artists in the ‘60s weren’t privy to scientific data on the strains they were consuming – unlike cannabis consumers today. These days, we are lucky to belong to the age of information, a time when cannabis research provides information on many types of strains, including the ones that can induce creativity the most.

Strain reviews prove to be helpful, especially when you’re using cannabis as a way to overcome a mental block that’s preventing you from finishing a project or a deadline. Here are examples of cannabis strains for creativity that you can pick up from
Seven Point Cannabis stores or online!

Jack Herer (THC: 17-23% / CBD: 1%)

Named after the famed, legendary cannabis rights activist, Jack Herer is an award-winning strain that will jumpstart your idea machine on full rev. This well-loved sativa strain has a fruity, peppery flavour and a bright buzz that will leave you focused and clear-headed. Best of all, it gives you the cerebral push to transform your creative ideas to life.

Chemdawg (THC: 15-20% / CBD: 14.5%)

This potent hybrid is a favourite among seasoned consumers who are looking for a boost of inspiration. Considered as one of the best cannabis strains for creativity, Chemdawg’s buzz can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. After the dust settles, expect to feel invigorated and imaginative. This Chemdawg cartridge from Sundial is even more potent, with 73% THC that is sure to send you off to a creative outer space.

Tangerine Dream (THC: 17-23% / CBD: 2%)

Also known as “Tangie,” this strain is revered for its euphoric effects and its sweet, citrusy flavour that will remind you of ripe tangerines (hence its name). Aside from those, the creativity that it brings in makes it a preferred strain of artists and thinkers. Its buzz can be described as meditative, focused, and patient, making it one of the most ideal cannabis strains for creativity, for focusing on long projects, or pulling all-nighters. Try this pack of Tangie Pre-Rolls from Good Supply, if you want to skip the smoking preparations and get right down to work.

Amnesia Haze (THC: 16-22% / CBD: 1%)

Don’t be misled by its name, Amnesia Haze is a hybrid favoured for its euphoric and uplifting effects, which includes a strong whiff of creativity. Also considered one of the top cannabis strains for creativity, Amnesia Haze carries good qualities of both indica and sativa. Once consumed, it has the ability to make one feel as if the mind is on a creative journey. Its indica background pairs the creative rush with a feeling of sensation and ease, making it a well-rounded choice for new and seasoned cannabis users.

Super Lemon Haze (THC: 25% / CBD: 2%)

This sativa-dominant hybrid is particularly known for giving an energy boost that leads to a creative buzz. A hit or two can make you feel lively, motivated, euphoric, and upbeat. Super Lemon Haze has a refreshing citrusy flavour upon the inhale and is characterized by its sugary, crystalline buds that have bright orange-yellow pistils. This Super Lemon Haze Cartridge by Back Forty packs up to 83% of THC, ensuring a cerebral high that will motivate you to complete an artistic project.

Curious About These Cannabis Strains for Creativity?

At Seven Point Cannabis we offer an exclusive line of cannabis strains for creativity, including those listed above. Visit any of our cannabis dispensaries in Toronto. You can also choose to browse our wide selection of flowers and other smoking essentials online, delivered right to your door through our same-day delivery service.

Whether you’re new or experienced in the world of cannabis, we can recommend the best sativa strains for energy that will truly liven up your mood. Contact us today to learn more about our many strain offerings, or to inquire about which best cannabis strains for creativity, focus, and inspiration will work for you!

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