The Best Toronto Restaurants for the Munchies

There’s nothing like satisfying a certain craving when you get the munchies. Cannabis can truly send our hunger senses on overdrive, and that’s because of an appetite-stimulating hormone that spikes up when THC is consumed. It’s no wonder why most cannabis consumers can’t wait to eat crazy amounts of food when the buzz starts to creep in.

If you think that pizza is the only thing that can truly satisfy the munchies, think again. From light snacks to full meals, Seven Point has prepared the ultimate Toronto munchies guide for you to try after your next session with your friends.

9 Toronto Food Joints to Satisfy the Munchies 

1. Seven Point Hotdog Stand 

Situated right outside our Bloor Street location across from High Park is our concession stand that will fulfill all your hotdog cravings, no matter how simple or grand they may be. From classic toppings to overloaded hotdog choices, we can offer it all to you, especially when the munchies are whispering “hotdogs” right to your stomach. Hit two birds with one stone by getting special deals and discounts once you have purchased from our store. Browse through our collection of pre-rolls for a quick session before you head to our hotdog stand!

2. Birria Balam 

If you’re a fan of the Birria taco trend, then Birria Balam in Spadina is the place to be. The slow-braised, beef-filled crunchy and cheesy tacos dipped in consommé is a savoury treat that everyone is lining up for these days. If you’re feeling an extra hit of the munchies, we suggest you order the Quessa Birria tacos that are fried to perfection. Grab a bottle or two of these cannabis-infused drinks to replenish your buzz after you’ve finished your plate. 

3. The Heartbreak Chef 

If the munchies are telling you to grab a hearty sandwich, then The Heartbreak Chef in Dundas West will leave you full and wanting to toke up some more. Known for their massive sandwiches offering taste as big as the servings, this restaurant has menu items that are not for the faint of heart. Most customers struggle to hold the sandwiches that are oozing with toppings and cheese. If you’re looking for something sweet after finishing your meal, take a high CBD edible such as this Milk Chocolate Bar by Bhang to calm your nerves and send you to a relaxing rest when you get home. 

4. Panchos Bakery 

The munchies can either go two ways: savoury or sweet. For those seeking a sweet escape, Panchos Bakery serves the best churros in town. Conveniently located near our store, right at the corner of Bloor and Dufferin, Panchos is popular for those craving this deep-fried, sweet Mexican dessert. You can either get churros filled with caramel, chocolate, or strawberry or even go all out with a churro cone that comes loaded with ice cream and toppings.

5. Butcher by Nature

Do you always feel jealous when you see those beautifully designed grazing boards on your feed, especially when you’re feeling the munchies? Close to our High Park location, Butcher by Nature is your go-to spot if you want to have one for yourself, or for when you’re planning to go somewhere and trip out in nature. They make picnic-ready charcuterie boxes so you can have your meat, cheese, and dried fruit fantasies come to life, and most importantly, so you can satisfy the munchies!

6. Loga’s Corner 

If you’re a huge fan of dumplings, then you should definitely visit Loga’s Corner the next time you get the munchies. Situated just south of High Park, the restaurant serves authentic Tibetan momos (dumplings), with vegetarian options to boot. They also serve Thukpa, a delicious hot noodle soup dish that feels like a warm hug on a cold day. Their homemade hot sauce adds a tasty zing to their momos, making it a perfect combination to soothe the munchies. 

7. iHalo Krunch 

Located between High Park and Runnymede Stations, iHalo Krunch is a Toronto soft serve haven that welcomes anyone who has the munchies with open arms.  Aside from their classic flavours (ube, vanilla, coconut charcoal, and matcha), they offer combo flavours that are earthy, nutty, and sweet. Perhaps their most famous offering is the combination of all 4 flavours, and who wouldn’t say no to that? Their pun-ny flavour names add a tastier twist, with names such as “Bean There Done That,” and “Meet Your Matcha.” Flavourful soft serve ice cream and the munchies? Sounds like a matcha made in heaven!

8. The Lakeview 

Operating 24/7, this fool-proof choice can soothe the munchies at any given time or day. Serving up diner classics such as burgers, pies, banana splits, stacked sandwiches, and milkshakes, The Lakeview gives you a full taste of old-school American feels, literally and figuratively.

9. Big Smoke Burger 

With 17 locations all across the country, Big Smoke Burger is a no-fail choice when you have the munchies and are craving something familiar. They offer their usual signature burgers, as well as their gourmet chicken burgers and classic selections at all their locations. Their combo meals, drinks, milkshakes, and premium poutines make this chain an all-around choice for when the munchies hit hard. 

Running Low After the Munchies? Visit Seven Point! 

Seven Point is the newest addition to the High Park neighbourhood close to these Toronto restaurants that cradle the munchies. Visit our High Park cannabis dispensary between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Sunday for in-store shopping. You can also choose to browse our wide selection of flowers and other smoking essentials online, delivered right to your door through our same-day delivery service.

Whether you’re new or experienced in the world of cannabis, we are here to make your cannabis journey the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about our many strain offerings for when you want to stock up before or after the munchies hit.

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